Types of guarantees

For Online Requests

Please access the link of the guarantee you request.
The most representative letters of guarantee we issue are:

Other types of Guarantees

We are flexible, and we support you in issuing different types of guarantees, even if they are not currently among our products. Just tell us what you need, and we promise to find the ideal solution for you.

How do we support the business environment?

Public Procurement Projects

We support you by issuing Guarantees for Participation in Public Procurement Procedures, Performance Guarantees, Maintenance Guarantees, Operational Cost Guarantees, Retention Money Guarantees, Guarantees for the Return of the Received Advance Payment.

Improving the cash flow

We meet your needs with advisory and cash-flow solutions by issuing ANAF Tax and Duties Payment Schedule Guarantees.

Contracts with service providers

We come to your support with Guarantees of Collection.

Contracts for the sale of real estate

We adapt to your needs and offer you Letters of Guarantee for Real Estate Advance - which offers comfort and confidence to potential buyers.